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Have you ever been to a country whose beauty takes your breath away and you just want to pinch yourself you are not dreaming? Or have you have ever been so mesmerised by the abundance of ever so sexy men, you find yourself ogling sweetly from behind your sunglasses? Have you ever watched locals salivate over a midday lunch with such passion, you contemplate why obesity doesn’t exist in their country? You’ve guessed it, my little cutie pie. I am lovingly referring to Italia, this little gem of the Mediterranean and a treasure trove of bellissima. Oh Italy, ti amo!

Far from me to dive into the A-Z of the Italian culture here, you’ll know that’s not really my cup of tea. But what is, is my love of beauty. And in Italy that is with a capital B. I salute the pasta kings for 3 aspects worthy of notable mention. (oh, my list could easily go on but I’ve got things to do sweetie). I chin chin my virtual glass of limoncello with an utter a respectful salute. That, my little tiramisu would be:

  • fashion
  • feelings (yes, you read that right! all to be explained).

With a little music to ease you in gently, cast your ears on this little canzone (tune).


Why the world should really look to Italy (and PDQ)!

The Italians, bless their little cotton socks, have one secret they rather wittingly have kept to themselves for decades! By that, I mean the dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing)!

Now, before I get an ‘oh la la’ waft across from nearby France, or a holey cheese thrown down the mountain tops from Switzerland, or a glass of Bollinger launched up in the air from the glitz of Monaco, hear me out, my little cupcake. The Italians are smart!!! Italy is a country, not only full of centenarians, but one which has longevity worth taking note of. Slow eating, slow loving, slow living.

In this world of fast living, people for the most, have lost the plot. Life is not about stress, worry and incessant zoom calls. Quite the opposite. And those Italians don’t get to 100+ watching the latest Netflix series! Nope! They are too busy tending to their tomato and basil patches, and drooling over what their next meal will be to wasting any good brains cells on TV!

The golden ticket behind it all is one thing, and one thing only…JOY! Not only that, JOY is like a radio station that has phenomenal attracting power if you are into manifesting. Put it this way, sitting at a 3 hour lunch with a bottle of Barolo, plate of delish risotto among friends behind a backdrop of turquoise coves has some serious manifesting pull. And let’s face it, anything that doses you up on the happy pills will work wonders on the wrinkles while you eat! Not convinced? Have you seen those age defying nonnas who climb up and down those hillside steps without a bead of sweat! Bravissimo indeed, and not an anti-ageing skin cream or botox needle in sight FYI!

You may have the world if I may have Italy



Now I could easily spend 2+ weeks writing about the gastronomic options the country has to offer one who appreciates a fine palette. Aside from the humble pizza, I found myself addicted to cannolis, little tube-shaped pastries filled with a creamy ricotta. Once tasted, you can’t stop!. And don’t get me started on gelato!

And why do I think the world needs to look to Italy? Well, with fast food being a global institution, it begs the question, do people actually taste what they are eating??? It may as well be a piece of deep friend cardboard you are serving. They won’t even notice, especially if there is a cellphone in the hand.

To slow down and let out an ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as you sit and ponder the day’s menu. Having eaten many a dish in Italy, I absolutely LOVE how they respect food and bask in the enjoyment. The Italians quite literally put love into food. Around a table, conviviality grows. And that means you look younger than before you sat down LOL. Italians score highly in youthful appearance. It isn’t any wonder when beauty is 360 degrees and village ”hotties” are in abundance for the nonnas!


In my 17 years of solo traveling the globe, some countries have had a huge impact. When it comes to fashion, none more so that Italy. To this day, my little pickle, I’m still wondering how on earth they look so good ALL the time?! You see, the Italians could dress in a garbage bag and make it look sexy. For one, they would accompany it with an obligatory pair of sunglasses (even in winter and the sun has gone into hiding LOL).

Yes, this world renowned fashion giant has class woven into the thread of society. It is not something you learn but something they are born with. Much like across the pond in the USA who are natural born money makers. And the Brits natural born comedians. Oh jolly good musicians too it would seem.

To wander around any city in Italy and shop is quite the prize. None more so than lingerie. The dulcet tones of a wow, wow, wow can easily be heard from behind any changing room curtain. And not one pair of granny pants is on display either, the type seen in Bridget Jones! No, no, no! Just sexy Sophie Loren-esque seduction. And yes, seduction, is something you could say Italians are worthy Olympic medal worthy champions. Although I give my gold medal to the Argentines for that (who happen to be dominantly of Italian origin).

Yes, fashion, is something else. No scruffy jeans and dirty shoes! And no high heels and mini skirts that barely covers one’s derriere. Plus, no leggings and sports top that you may have been living in for years. The Italians love to look good and they do it well. (A little taste, click here).


This may seem an odd accompaniment to food and fashion, but it is the king of all kings. You see, it doesn’t matter if you are chasing a billionaire USD, or want a body like JLO, or want a Bugatti for every day of the week, it ALL comes down to the same thing, you want it to make you feel good.

And this is the moral of the story and why the world should look to Italy. I defy anyone not to feel good as you sit sipping as espresso in Positano. And I defy anyone not to feel charmed by Italian street traders as they utter a ‘ciao bella’. I defy anyone not to feel good sitting down with the most delicious pizza winking back at you whispering ‘eat me’ from the red and white table cloth! And I’ve not even mentioned the honourable Ferrari, the chic Fendi and the famous limoncello.

Be prepared to wow and omg and omfg all the way! Wonder why the Italians look so good? Well, it wouldn’t take an Einstein to work out, where as you focus on beauty, it expands. With the stunning views basking the Mediterranean coastline and beauty wherever you look. from the finest dishes served with love to the street fashion to the buildings oozing character, how can you walk around and not be inspired to fall in love with Italy!

And lastly…the most useful phrase in Italy:

Nnamo a magna – Let’s go eat (Click on this little gem I found for you)!


And a little advice, my little lamb chop…

  • Sip an espresso from a cosy cafe terrace and watch the virtual catwalks! Ammazza!
  • Eat as much pizza as you can get your mits on! It will never taste as good back home!
  • Head to the Med and pitstop in Positano/Ravello! And get ready to be wow’ed!
  • Partake in an aperitivo! It would be rude not to.
  • Fall in love with the locals! And be your own Emily In Florence! LOL!

To Italia, I salute you!

Until next time, my little tiramisu! Non vedo l’ora (can’t wait) XO

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