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I’m a solo travel expert, solopreneur and founder of Wanderful Company, a labour of love inspired by 19 glorious years of non-stop traveling alone. 

Equipped with nothing more than a suitcase, a one-way ticket and an incessant desire to be happy, I’ve gone from one solo travel adventure to the next for almost one third of my life to countries including Argentina, Brazil, Italy and France.
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Are you someone who flops onto the sofa after a long day at work with an obligatory glass of the red stuff as you contemplate this life lark? Do you snuggle up in front of Netflix wanting to lose yourself in escapism as you do your best to calm that incessant ”how can I live life doing what I want”? Maybe you have binged watched everything that was worthwhile and there is nowhere left to escape to? And you’re quaffing your way through a week’s supply of chocolate, and an impulse buy of 12 sugar donuts now that dry January is a resounding flop? Ne t’inquiète pas, Mademoiselle! (don’t you worry, young lady), help is at hand!

But first, is your escapism ‘Emily in Paris’?

The global success of this incredibly popular series may be a surprise to some, even intriguing to others. But having lived ”my own Emily in Paris experience” (before Netflix was even in diapers, and Alfie had any idea of the power of biceps), it was no surprise to me. I’d go as far as to say, I could have predicted it. And excitingly, my intuition tells me it’s where the world is heading! Imagine a planet where everyone can live and work where they want and have an ‘Emily In Any Destination’ lifestyle! Do you want in on a little secret, it already exists…

Well, my little pain au chocolat, want to know more? Let’s dive in…

Back in the day, while Elizabeth Gilbert was penning her journal with what was to eventually become Eat Pray Love, I was solo traveling in Argentina and living my own Eat Play Love. And those Latinos love to love LOL. I was living my own real life series and an Oscar worthy version at that, ”Kirsteen In Buenos Aires” and LOVING every millisecond. It was undoubtedly the happiest and most fulfilling experience of my life. Not only that, but that time had the most incredible impact on all that I do today. For one, it became a personal benchmark for how life is meant to be lived. Imagine waking up and living each day in a feeling of bliss after bliss after bliss.

Emily in Paris creates that ‘’dreamy life’’ that may feel elusive. But let me tell you, my little croissant, you can manifest exactly the same life as Emily. (Oh and with a bicep infused, ever so witty Alfie thrown in for good measure). Oh la la les filles! And it doesn’t stop there…why not have your own chateau! And a sexy pool boy to ogle at discreetly from under your sunglasses as you sip yet another glass of chilled rosé and contemplate the day’s entertainment.

But, and here’s the caveat, firstly you have to want it, and I mean really want it! And secondly, and most importantly, you have to believe it. In a nutshell, you can only manifest things you believe to be true. (Solo Travel Masterclass launches in the Spring and will teach you how). PS pool boy is not included LOL. So, pop this in favorites and stay tuned!

So why is Emily In Paris so popular and loved by many?

Firstly, Paris is a city that many romanticise from its depiction in movies. For people who are in love or want to be, the idea of a visit would be a logical choice. And yes, Emily herself finds love, albeit not the Disney D’Amour you’ve been weened on. Mademoiselle Destiny won’t necessarily take you straight into the arms of a Prince Charming, (and something this series has clearly captured).

But what else is it which is less obvious?

Emily is an emotional ROI. That feel good factor that was so abundant (and normal) in the 80’s. And then, there’s the curiosity planted in your soul of living in new adventure, new beginnings, a fresh perspective on life, the feeling of being light, and free of responsibility to name but a few…

And not forgetting the heightened senses, living in the now, and a whole new cuisine (foie gras optional!) to get your chops around . Oh, and the fun of passing time at a quaint cafe and vantage point as you have your own Anna Wintour experience with a catwalk of unintentional models parading their latest acquisitions in the pursuit of ‘a la mode’. (click here to get a feel of this!) Imagine how boring life would be if we all ate the same, dressed the same and lived the same.

And so, living in a new city and being a foreigner abroad creates ‘’new beginnings’’, And ‘’a new you’’ far from the daily grind of same old, same old. Have you ever noticed when you go to the office, you think the same thoughts about the same streets and buildings. Even the look of people is same old, same old. BUT when you step out of that repetitive routine into NEW, the magic truly begins. Out goes the ‘’negative bias’’ and all of a sudden, you have stepped into a 24/7, 360 degrees of FUN. And why not be an Emily In Provence, Emily in Monaco, Emily in Venice and so on? Best of all, it’s way easier than you think.

Sometimes your dream is somewhere you didn’t expect it to be.

Emily in paris

And the fashion…

In Emily In Paris, the fashion is, well, extravagant to say the least, although Sylvie who dresses typically French, is ”bon chic bon genre”. Naturally, the fashion is comedy given most locals would never be seen dressed like Emily. But heh, who cares, you do you! Dressing up in any sexy attire is a good thing?! If you hop on a flight to Italy and visit Milan, Emily would blend in easily given the showmanship the locals are into. I love Italians and they are quite simply the best dressed nation in the world.

And the dreamy side of the south of France…

Provence, which is featured heavily in Season 3 is quintessentially French and very much part of the joie de vivre you can expect when traveling. The lavender fields in bloom make a ‘must do’ on any self respecting vacation. And when you’ve OD on that calming scent, and are beginning to witness purple mania LOL, why not pop to Saint Tropez and savor the beauty of this Bardot playground. And who knows, you may just meet a rich Gabriel and never go home.

I am not someone who watches Netflix. But I do love Emily which is not as cliché as some people think. I speak to a real life ”Luc”, who recently wished me a happy holyday (the joys of language) and know a few Sylvies. When two cultures mix and preconceptions are challenged, there is no better way than to live an Emily in Paris yourself.

And reality v Emily in Paris?

As you visit, you’ll notice local habits. Food is not fast but slow and appreciated. Quality over quantity. Obesity doesn’t exist, snacking on the streets a faux pas unless its the humble baguette and the pharmacy has a life into itself.

A little piece of advice, don’t copy the locals, BE YOU! I know, for example, locals never have café au lait after 12pm, which is seen as a no no. As someone who loves coffee, I drink as I want. It is not about being the same as everyone else in this global ‘’cookie cutter mentality’’ of conformity. It is about you being you, and seeing a new life, taking the best of what you want.

People are moving more than ever and manifesting a desire to live a deeper and more fulfilling life. The rise of digital nomad visas are on the up with countries understanding the wealth that comes.

And lastly…

Don’t wait, my little cupcake, for Series 4 to come to back. GET OUT THERE AND LIVE IT. The best way to predict your future is to create it. And if you want to create a dreamy life in any destination, and have no idea where to begin, you don’t have to figure it out. I’ve done it for you. Solo Travel Masterclass launches in the Spring. To be kept in the loop, pop your email onto the list (where you will see pre-launch video and content).

If you can’t go to Paris, you can always pop on some music, get out the cheese and wine, and oh la la the night away until your heart’s content. A little gift for some inspiration….

A bientot, mon petit chou (”see you soon, sweetie”!)

PS And if you need more of that yummy feel good factor escapism, pop over to the bookshop and check out my new Bridget Jones style comedy! (Click here)

If you’d love to learn how to plan your very first solo travel adventure and get a dose of feel good factor emotions, click here on Solo Travel Masterclass to find out more. This solo travel course is one-of-a-kind and a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom in one easy-to-follow course.

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