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I’m a solo travel expert, solopreneur and founder of Wanderful Company, a labour of love inspired by 15 glorious years of non-stop traveling alone. 

Equipped with nothing more than a suitcase, a one-way ticket and an incessant desire to be happy, I’ve gone from one solo travel adventure to the next for almost one third of my life to countries including Argentina, Brazil, Italy and France.
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Have you ever looked in a mirror and thought you’d aged overnight despite your best efforts with the latest eye creams? Are you someone 40+ who feels that everything is heading south and want to halt that annoying gravity train? Or maybe you just want to look a million USD for once, and give JLO a run for her money? Well my little cupcake, whatever reason you want to look 10 years younger, you CAN look fabulous no matter where you are in life!

Being an unapologetic Peter Pan, I’ve always been like a child. My curiosity, intuition and inquisitive nature has often led me to fascinating discoveries. None more so than the truth about ageing! And with my recent surprising elimination of all tiredness, I am just getting started! lol!

So, how to look 10 years younger the easy way? It is way easier than you ever thought possible. Lets dive in…

Before I share my own experience on how to look 10 years younger the easy way, I will add I’ve often been curious as to why some young people can look as if they are already pulling a pension. And there are pensioners who are on their way back to childhood!

The secret? It is all about belief, attitude and focus! Age is a state of mind. Just look at someone who falls in love! Not only do they shed fine lines and have skin that glows, they drop a few dress sizes in less than a week. If you think you look old, you are right. If you think you look young, you are right. You decide, my little pickle.

In my years of solo travelling around the globe, I’ve had the fortune of watching people of all ages and been amazed and how they live and look. None more so than the Italians. No matter where you go in Italy, people look fabulous. The Italians are of a nation who take incredible pride both in what they eat and how they dress.

And why is that important?

I for one, LOVE Italy. Sloppy just isn’t in their language. With so much beauty to observe, it just makes you feel happy! Italy is one example of a country which has beauty in abundance, from north to south, east to west, 24/7! You get my point. Italians don’t do anything by half!

With their national food obsession, they have no time to feel sad because they are always contemplating their next meal. Being happy from the inside out and not outside in!!! (and for those who experienced the 80’s, you will know what I mean!).

Sloppy thoughts means a sloppy life. And happy thoughts means a happy life. It really is that simple. You cannot look young when you believe you look old. You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey. It defies law. (Not convinced? Listen to the wise words of this famous British actor who is defying ageing – click here).

If you want to look young, fall in love with life every single day and watch the magic!

wanderful company

So what has this to do with looking 10 years younger you may ask?

You see, ageing has nothing to do with years on the planet, and the decline of the physical body. It has everything to do with resistance. And by that I mean negative thoughts and feelings.

Well, when I began understanding the power of positive emotions on how you look and feel, and all that comes back to you, I began testing it out myself.

Even with this high positivity I’ve had my entire life, the results of positive emotional focus have been incredible. And made me realise that what you read in the magazines in not even true. In a nutshell, you cannot look younger when you are focused on getting old. You cannot be rich when you believe you are poor and you cannot be thin if you believe you are fat. Your thoughts matter a lot.

How To Look 10 Years Younger the easy way?

Well, you cannot stand in front of the mirror each day and affirm you look like JLO. BUT, you can begin to create new thought habits that are complimentary. The first thing is to make peace with what you have today. This is crucial if you are to move ahead. Fighting against anything only adds to it. But making peace puts you in harmony. And if you understand law of attraction, you have to be on the right side of the emotional scale if you are to manifest what you want.

Today, 90% of those wrinkles I had before went away all by themselves! NO KIIDDING!!! I also feel incredibly light and energetic and no longer experience tiredness. In fact, I’ve so much energy, I could sell it. And as an added bonus, my clarity is phenomenal!

One very interesting thing also happened during this experiment! My desire to wake up at 5.30 am and work out is new! That would not have happened had the satisfaction not been there before. And the benefits can be felt all day long.

When you think sloppy, your life becomes sloppy. When you think bliss, your life becomes bliss.

7 activities I use that created phenomenal change

  1. I wake up early and meditate, exercise and journal without exception
  2. I listen to the best music I can find early in the day
  3. I only focus on wanted (this one is HUGE!)
  4. I gave up social media, TV and news (noticeable boost to wellbeing)
  5. I hang out with people who are at least 10 years younger than me
  6. I smile, smile and smile again
  7. I live in the present with excitement about all that is coming!

To note: there are many other tools I use on a daily basis. There is no one way to feel and look young. It is very much a personal choice of what you love to do. Ageing is a fallacy. If you have the desire to achieve new things in life and fun is the focus, there is nothing stopping you. Where there is no belief, there is no evidence. Where there is belief, you will see the evidence and more.


Not only do I know how to look 10 years younger today, but I 100% believe I will look even younger as time goes on. There is no limit to anything you desire aside from a limited imagination. And you only have to look at the likes of JLO and Tom Cruise to see why the eternal fountain of youth flows easily in their direction. LOVE life!

And if you want to feel just that little bit more in love with life, pop to the bookshop! What Would Carrie Do is my new Bridget Jones style comedy and a guaranteed dose of the happy vibes! Click here.

Until next time, my little cupcake XO!

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If you’d love to learn how to plan your very first solo travel adventure, click here on Solo Travel Masterclass (launching in the Spring).

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