Why Feeling Good Is The Golden Key To Everything You Want

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I’m a solo travel expert, solopreneur and founder of Wanderful Company, a labour of love inspired by 15 glorious years of non-stop traveling alone. 

Equipped with nothing more than a suitcase, a one-way ticket and an incessant desire to be happy, I’ve gone from one solo travel adventure to the next for almost one third of my life to countries including Argentina, Brazil, Italy and France.
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Have you ever wondered why some people are blissfully happy and others are not? Have you ever wished you could live in the honeymoon feeling all the time? (Yes it’s possible!). Have you ever manifested a desire only to be bored a few weeks later and be back to square one? Well read on my little cupcake, all will be revealed on why feeling good is key to getting exactly what you want.

Today is the one year anniversary of Wanderful Company, and there has never been a more significant piece of content I’ve published. Not only is it possible to live a blissfully happy life, as you make that your focus, you will begin to see evidence quickly. I don’t just blog about this, I live it and have manifested feelings that make honeymoon seem like child’s play.

(Note: I have shared a few tips and techniques below for free. The full content is available later this year as an online course and is also the basis of Module 3 of Solo Travel Masterclass).

Let’s dive in…

quote about happiness

Feeling good all begins with the NOW.

Let me explain…

Ask yourself ‘how do I feel now? Have I had a good day? Have many things went well today? Do I feel enthusiastic and full of energy or am I downbeat and tired?

Why is this important? Well, whatever the mood you are in now and how you feel will have a direct impact on what comes back the rest of the day/tomorrow/etc. We are magnets attracting back to us by what we are giving out NOW. This doesn’t mean one bad thought will come back instantly. But hang out in a bad mood for a while and you’ll soon see how day to day events match your mood.

What we think about effects how we feel and what we feel is what we are giving out. In other words, a happy magnet attracts back happy things, (like attracts like). The same is also true, a sad magnet attracts back sad things and you cannot switch that off until you change the magnet. It’s the emotion ie the feeling place which does the attracting. Are you keeping up with this? LOL. It all becomes clearer as you read on.

The mind brings thoughts and feelings equal to the emotion. A sad person will most likely have a flow of sad thoughts to reflect his mood and not many happy thoughts. A happy person will also have access to good feeling thoughts that naturally flow through the mind.

So why will this get you what you want? Well, it’s only negative thinking that slows down the flow of good things that will come to you which you attract easily when you are happy. Aim for satisfaction! That can be achieved easily and is far more sustainable given the world we live in. (Appreciation is the easiest and most gentle way to tune up and my fav!). This is NOT about controlling thoughts, nobody can do that. It’s about controlling how you feel which is something you can do something about and which sets the magnet.


Imagine someone who wakes up and decides intentionally to have a good day. They sing in the shower, they enjoy the their coffee and toast, they enjoy the fact they have nice clients to chat to and they even enjoy listening to music as they drive to the office. After work they drive home in a good mood and not caring if the traffic is busy, because they know they can’t make it move quickly anyway. They get home and chill on the sofa with a glass of wine and listen to music contemplating what delights to cook for dinner that evening.

A satisfactory day? Well yes. A day of her dreams, maybe not, but she feels good regardless BY CHOICE.

And why does this matter so much? For one, she has boosted her natural health and well being regardless of what is going on outside. With everything in your future reality depending on what you are emitting NOW, doesn’t it make sense to care about how you feel and have stability on the emotional output. Your internal world is infinitely more powerful that the outside world and you can live a life of bliss if you just focus. You cannot attract excellent health when you are thinking about, talking about or listening to something about sickness. Equally, the same goes for money, looking young and being thin. Focus only on wanted.

Think of 2 trains, (wanted and unwanted). Everyone on this planet, no matter who they are or what they do is on one of these 2 trains at this precise moment. If you are stressed, you are moving in the direction of unwanted and you will not like what you find along the way. The longer you stay there, the faster the train and the worse things become. Not only that but it becomes more difficult to change trains. If you are enjoying the day, you are on the train towards wanted and you will like what you find along the way. The longer you stay there, the faster the train and the happier you become and the better the well being and natural health you will feel and see.

The Honeymoon Effect On Feeling Good

Let me give you one easy to understand example…

Think of a woman who has just met the man of her dreams. Why do you think she quickly loses that stubborn weight EFFORTLESSLY she’s been trying to for months? Why does she look years younger in a few days? Why do so many good things happen to her all at the same time? Because she fell in LOVE, that’s why. LOVE? That simple? YES! And why…because it’s one of the most powerful magnets that exists (appreciation/joy/bliss being the highest).

So doesn’t it make sense, given thoughts are magnetic that if we think happy thoughts, appreciate ONLY the good stuff and ignore the rest, (especially global news!!!) ie give no attention to unwanted, then life will reflect back the new and improved emotional output? And doesn’t it make sense as we tune up, life just gets better and better each day? Well my little toasted crumpet, abso-flippin-lutely. You are reading the words of someone who has done this entire experiment and is in a new place emotionally albeit I am a naturally happy person.

So how do you boost happiness if you don’t have the man of your dreams? Well, firstly, if you depend on a partner to make you happy (which isn’t their job), this will make you a sitting duck. Why not train yourself to feel good with or without a partner instead of needing them to be the source? This is the basis of emotional freedom, not to mention the basis of a good relationship and is essential to sustaining happiness.

The only difference between happiness and bliss is focus

Kirsteen, founder of wanderful company

5 Powerful Techniques I Use To Boost Happiness

So how you can significantly boost day to day happiness without Mr Right, a new handbag, or a week’s supply of donuts quaffed in one? Here are just a few of my own techniques I created.

NOTE: Feeling good intentionally means changing habits, and this means GOING SLOWLY. It’s not about stopping old habits, it’s about giving air time to new habits and by doing so, the old habits start to slow themselves at their own pace.

  • Fill the basket – imagine a buffet of life and you get to pick 10 things to do today? What do you put in the basket knowing it’s the only things you can have? Do you pick up food and wine? Do you pick up sport? Do you pick up feel good thinking? Do you pick up sadness? You get to choose but choose wisely, they are all magnets. Do you pick up Netflix and watch a movie which may make you feel sad? Or do you pick up a Youtube makeup video because you’ve always wanted to do the perfect cat eyes? Personally, I fill up my basket intentionally each hour and with an idea of what I will choose later in the day. For example, cups of tea, (very British LOL). We love drinking tea in the UK and is one sure way to get that instant boost. I also stay in the moment and do not do anything else while I am sipping it. Being present will increase mood easily. Each day, I choose to put sport in the basket because a good feeling body today means a good feeling body in the future. I add a weekly blog post to the basket (a happy magnet naturally with 100% feel good factor content on this website). Are you catching on? It is you and only you who chooses what to put in the basket. Choose wisely because a life of bliss means choosing only blissful things. (go for the easy wins for a while!)
  • Word A Day – given it’s the emotional output which does the magnetic work, and feeling good is the key, then choosing a word to focus on works incredibly well at boosting mood. I often use words like ease, fun and joy putting one on a post-it note on my laptop which I look at it in the day. Without exception, if I think of fun a lot, a lot of fun comes back.
  • Cellphone call – this is a simple and effective way to begin coaching up. Set the alarm clock to ring each hour of the day. When it rings, ask one question ‘how do I feel now?’. If you feel good, then continue the day, If you don’t feel good, simply note down what you were thinking and you’ll soon realize you were focused on something unwanted and negative. Don’t beat up on yourself if you have! Just accept it as good indication of where you are and change perception of what made you feel that way. TAKE NOTE: you do not have to go back and clean things up, or even try to hide from negativity. If you do, negativity increases. The easiest way is to focus on wanted simply for the good feelings it gives. As you do this, the negative tendencies start to slow and good feelings begin to increase slowly.
  • Excited About – a little game which I find useful and quick as a mood boost is using ‘I am excited about’ and then follow with eg 10 things. I am excited about tonight’s movie, I am excited about going to town to buy a new top. I am excited about seeing friends this week. I am excited about how good my skin is looking (which is will do as you move up the emotional scale). My own skin today is amazing and I literally dissolved fine lines by just feeling good!
  • Clock to clock – this is my day to day way of being. Imagine the 2 hands of the clock, one at 12 and the other at 3. Think of 12 being HAPPY NOW and 3 being WHERE YOU ARE GOING. The sweet spot of happiness is simply living life in that zone, ie enjoying the now with an eye of what you are going to do next. Take note, life requires all of us to come out of that zone because the world is black and white, light and dark and evolution of the planet depends on both. Out of great sadness comes great happiness which you could not feel in the same way without the sadness. Think of food when you haven’t eaten for some time. When you do, you enjoy is so much. Contrast is part of life, accepting it is half the battle.

So there you have it my little cupcake. When you sit back and think why someone wants to be rich, have a house, have a delicious meal, be famous, etc etc, it all comes down to the same thing, THE FEELING. So why not feel good now and make that magnet work for you. Time doesn’t exist, it’s all NOW, are you happy right now?

I’ve spent a long time learning from the world’s best and through sheer determination, I’ve programmed myself to the happiest I’ve been in years, even as a naturally happy person. These techniques are my own creations and have worked well for me. As time goes on, I will be tuning and adding to them. My best tips will be available via new online courses. Join the mailing list or email me at

I’m planning a lot of very exciting things at Wanderful Company in 2022. Just to let you in on a few snippets:

  • The launch of Solo Travel Masterclass – an online course and only one of its kind – launching 2022
  • The launch of the book ‘What Would Carrie Do’ – a Bridget Jones style comedy (anticipated Amazon launch – August)
  • Dear Coco – a magazine column – the comedic side of advice (I cannot wait for this one!)
  • The launch of Feel Good 24/7 – an online course
  • The launch of Mind Your Business – an online course

There is nothing more important to me than feeling good and why I’ve spent 16 years on the road solo traveling. Of course, you don’t have to travel alone to find happiness…just have a cup of tea!

Until next time…

If you’d love to learn how to plan your very first solo travel adventure and get a dose of feel good factor emotions, click here on Solo Travel Masterclass to find out more. This solo travel course is one-of-a-kind and a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom in one easy-to-follow course.

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