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Vacation For One? The Secret Comedy Of Traveling Alone (And Why It’s Bliss!)

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I’m a solo travel expert, solopreneur and founder of Wanderful Company, a labour of love inspired by 15 glorious years of non-stop traveling alone. 

Equipped with nothing more than a suitcase, a one-way ticket and an incessant desire to be happy, I’ve gone from one solo travel adventure to the next for almost one third of my life to countries including Argentina, Brazil, Italy and France.
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Vacation for one you may be asking? Have you ever been in the office when things felt nuts and you just wanted to slam down your note pad, abandon those never ending Zoom calls and walk up to your boss and say: I need a ducking vacation?! Get me out of here! (ps, 1. my artistic license opts for a few ‘ducks’ around here and I don’t mean those cutie water loving versions LOL. 2. this has some intentional long sentences, comedy is endless when you expect it!).

I digress…back to said office…

Maybe a little exaggeration in this narrative my little pickle, but the feeling of stepping away from chaos and diving into bliss is a much needed tonic that will have you dissolve that shadow of former self status you unintentionally acquired. And by that, I mean you can be that kid again, when everything was hunky dory, easy-peasy, hoorah henry and yippety doody.

And what if…you were to find out that life was always meant to be that way and that stress is mostly man-made, overrated and unnecessary. But the fab news is there is an easy way emerging where chaos becomes calm, zoom becomes zen and time knows no boundaries…

Welcome to the best kept secret, the hugely entertaining side of traveling alone and why it is TRULY BLISS! So stick with it to the end…it will all make sense.

On y vas…

woman holding a sun hat in a bikini

Traveling Alone? Vacation for one?

Interested? Well read on my little toasted bagel! Sit back, cozy up on the sofa, pour the red stuff and let out an ahhhhhh. You are one step closer to that beach holiday a la carte ‘tout seul’ (with handsome man pouring drinks optional). Things are about to change around here and why vacation for one is set to boom.

In case you hadn’t noticed, it may surprise you to know I’m a solo travel expert with 16 years of non stop ‘vacation for one’ proudly on my life’s resume. Not only that, but I have a unique perspective on solo travel. And unless you find a miraculous way to clock up 16 years yourself, trust me when I say, TRAVELING ALONE IS BLISS!

Now, of course this doesn’t mean I’m against anyone who chooses a small army of ‘entourage’ (including the family pet) for the annual vacation. Heck, I’ve done it myself on occasion (minus the pet). But when I began solo travel, the two vacations were totally different. Of course it is a LOT of fun with like-minded friends as the entourage. But have you tried ”me, myself and I”? PS a little gentle warning…it’s addictive!

Just a few reasons why solo travel is comedic

In my quest to educate solo travel wannabes around the globe, here are just a few reasons why traveling alone is comedy no matter where you go on a vacation for one. (And of course Solo Travel Masterclass will teach you all you need to know. PS which you are going to L-O-V-E PDQ FYI LOL :))

  • Let’s kick off the fun with navigating Miss Suitcase! There is a ton of fun to be had with a suitcase on your way solo traveling. For one, you are the only one who can manoeuvre those tricky little wheels that have an agenda to go south when you are not budging an inch insisting on approach north. And it doesn’t stop there! You are not even out of the country when the games hots up like navigating airport washroom where Miss Luggage ain’t going to fit inside the WC now that she’s packed to the seams. You don’t dare to leave said suitcase unattended knowing you have a lifetime of possessions inside including your favorite La Perla bra you pounced on in Paris in a 70% off sale, and Mr Bean bedsocks that double up as gloves in your attempt at traveling light. So, with eyes surveying position in the WC…as if a Simone Biles impressionist, you extend into gymnastics and settle for one foot hooking the door almost shut, with just enough space to keep eyes firmly on Miss Luggage outside while the other is doing a balancing act. And all this while not letting your germ free hands touch anything in sight. As you exit patting yourself on the back that Miss Luggage waited patiently, you see some loyal companion holding someone’s bag and suitcase while she gets to have a totally different WC experience! Ducking heck you shout…BUT, you know something? She’ll never think of that moment EVAHHHH again. But you, my little tiramisu will never forget how you navigated the washroom like a pro as you vacation for one and with steely grit and determination that is CHARACTER BUILDING. And yes, you can whatsapp your boss to tell him you have acquired new business skills which you simply couldn’t get in the office. And that’s RESILIENCE TO DO THINGS ALONE while being queen of creativity. (ps You wouldn’t believe some of my gymnastic endeavours)! And navigating my own heavy suitcase in Italy one fine hot day lead to a handsome military type placing ‘Miss Suitcase’ above his head! Making any random men in the vicinity look like Mr Bean impressionists, this incredibly muscly chap picked up Miss Luggage and was carrying it up the station stairs. And all 4 wheels intact! That beef cake has no idea to this day, I still have that image in my head. Me 1, Team Entourage 0!
  • Now moving on to point 2…flying solo! And in more ways than one! For one, I get to decide when I want to embark the flight. Sometimes, I’m super speedy, sometimes last one on. With an entourage, the whole ducking team have to come to a consensus and woe betide anyone who doesn’t conform to group opinion. Like sheep, the word ‘same’ is bound. Think of husbands and wives. Two by two…but why not sit on seats 10 aisles apart and have a chat with whoever is next to you for the pleasure. It’s not as if you are going to disembark the flight and head off on a passionate affair, and let’s face it, it that were to happen, it was on the cards pre vacay. And then there’s the flight’s pre-dinner drinks. This is one of my blissful moments when I ask the air hostess if she could give me two of those cutesy mini bottles of red wine, because, lets face it, one doesn’t even get past the nuts! And with my European travel hopping tuned taste buds of at least one good glass with the main course, two is my must have. And if the ‘cabin doors to manual trolley dolly’ is not so generous, believe me, I’ll find a way. That washroom resilience can be your best friend in training. By movie time, you’ll be so zenned out at your achievements, you can chill looking out at the clouds feeling you are in heaven. NOW with entourage, are you duck in the heaven?! No, because everyone is chatting about that nonsense stuff going on back home, like the neighbor is sleeping with the postman, friend X is miffed with friend Y and the whole damn office are planning a team building day and you can’t stand any of them. But you, Little Miss Solo Travel Wannabe, you get BLISS, peace, calm and life is one ducking ball. You are on your way to flirt like an Olympic champion around Italy and be spoon fed gelato and suck pasta sauce as you ogle the local village hottie there to charm you in his obligatory sunglasses. Team entourage FYI get none of that!
  • Moving swiftly on to navigating economy props! Shall we begin with hotels and single supplements! Now by my reckoning, this single supplement malarkey was probably made up by the same ‘lets duck with all things joy’’ patrole who tell you that chocolate, sunshine and donuts are bad for you (albeit the Sardinian centenarians luckily didn’t pay any attention to that memo! Don’t you love a rebel?!). You see single supplements are there to encourage the whole world to marry, live as couples and oh boost the economy. Duhhh! The single sup duck? Well, in my opinion, you should be paid to stay in those places for the joy you ooze boosting wellbeing to anyone in a 360 degree radius of the high vibing enery. You, my little buttered crumpet provide entertainment when a couple are not chatting and they need someone to focus on in ’pity’ to break the silence. Amusingly, you are often the one having the ball and are certainly in no need of pity. And as for the single room, well it saves housekeeping a small fortune. And team entourage? The whole damn squad have to dispute who has what bed and decide who is the best person to sit next to at the table. Procrastination is hovering like a incessant fly who has spotted your pickle and cheese sandwich and is heading on in. And you? You, Miss Solo Travel Wannabe, you get to message said boss back home and proclaim your new heightened clarity and speedy decision making. A highly sought after skill and one that should be highly rewarded on your return.
  • And now onto restaurants! Yes, I do eat in them alone and have the best time including strategically placing myself where I can chat to waiters, waitresses or some sweet old man who smiles back looking for someone to brighten up his day and not be cast aside by society as a past it. I LOVE those types and some of the best chats I’ve had have been with them and wisdom. And the audience isn’t the only gift, you get to be spoon fed by an Italian where food is life itself. And yes, that day is etched firmly in my bank of solo travel memories. And Team Entourage, none of the above because they are too busy amusing each other understandably!
  • Lastly, albeit I’ve only just scratched the surface in the joys of a vacation for onesolo travel, there are activities. So, when entourage are by now most likely arguing their way through the vacation, and itching to go separate ways, you Miss Solo Travel Extraordinaire are just getting started! After a night of spoon feeding, you head out with the dancing waiters who kindly invite you to join them and make for some hilarious post pasta sucking selfies. And the next day, up early the ever so eager beaver loving life once again, you decide ‘oh, I’ll have a lovely breakfast of café au lait and croissant almond on a cute outdoor terrace basking in the sunshine with a little people watching and soaking up the fashion of hot locals like my own Anna Wintor moment. I’ll partake in some shopping ogling my way through the myriads of sumptuous boutiques at my own pace and be aimlessly wandering to where my soul takes me for a lovely glass of rose and some lunch. As I quaff the beautifully made food in appreciation and the love those Italians pack into every mouthful, I will then wander around the streets with no goal other than to let destiny guide me. I know whatever I find, it will be for me…Meanwhile back at Team Entourage, they are still in the hotel arguing having not so good alcohol control and the whole damn team have missed a delish breakfast and with Manager not in the least bit interested in helping out because the complaints began at the size of the bed on arrival. And you My Little Solo Travel Wannabe About To Be, you could sleep on a shoe box because you are so damn happy and having fun and Mr Hotel Manager has just given you extra cream cakes to take on a picnic because of your cute and smiley face.

And finally…

Just as you head back home on the flight and you see a small mutiny amassing at Team Entourage, chin chin your wine bottle and smile that life has never felt so good. And before you unbuckle the seat belt a few minutes before permitted (because you love to rebel), planning the next one. And smile, Team Entourage may takes months in therapy. But heh, slip them the solo travel tip and save them the trouble. Tell them to do vacation for one.

And finally, you get to go home refreshed, calm and 10 years younger without a Botox needle in sight. Your crazy ass boss is seen in a new light…he allows you to work from anywhere in the world with his new employee rejuvenation topping the sales charts because you solve all his office problems from your newfound clarity saving him from years of stress.

PS At the team building event…

When he comes up to you at the local team building and he thanks you, say, well no, thank you kindly for creating the chaos in the first place that made the whole damn thing possible. And why My Little Strawberry Shortcake? Because behind the greatest madness comes the greatest magic…

Vacation for one. Hell yeah. Happy Ducking Travels!

If you’d love to learn how to plan your very first solo travel adventure and get a dose of feel good factor emotions, click here on Solo Travel Masterclass to find out more. This solo travel course is one-of-a-kind and a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom in one easy-to-follow course.

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