A Life Of Bliss? Fascinating Results Of A 6 Month Experiment

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I’m a solo travel expert, solopreneur and founder of Wanderful Company, a labour of love inspired by 15 glorious years of non-stop traveling alone. 

Equipped with nothing more than a suitcase, a one-way ticket and an incessant desire to be happy, I’ve gone from one solo travel adventure to the next for almost one third of my life to countries including Argentina, Brazil, Italy and France.
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Bliss? That elusive feeling many are chasing? Back at the beginning of 2022, I gave myself one (and only one) New Year resolution, a powerful intention this would be one of my best years yet. Quite how this was going to happen was far from evident but I knew instinctively, with some focus and cutting out all the ‘noise’, I could achieve anything (especially having manifested a 10 year vacation!)

A life of bliss? A life of feeling so good you don’t want to sleep? Waking up each day so excited you cannot wait to get going? A life where at every turn, there is one joyful moment after the next and the next and the next…! A life of bliss exists my little cupcake. Not only is it possible but you are reading the words of someone, who on her happy travels lived this and you don’t even have to go solo traveling to create it (albeit I HIGHLY recommend it!).

You see sweetie, that feeling, once tasted is like a drug, you want a lot more than ordinary when you know extraordinary exists. Having established an incredible understanding of mindset, I began looking at my own life and asking myself why I found that elusive feeling of BLISS uniquely in South America and wanted to know if I could find it anywhere. And wow, did I find answers.

With an incredibly insightful 6 months now under my belt (part 2 to be posted in 6 months), I want to share some of the conclusions I’ve come to. This blog post isn’t about the how (more on that later on) but it is about changing perception and taking back control of your own path.

Lets dive in…

How is it possible to find bliss you may be asking?

Where focus goes, energy flows. Focusing on Netflix 7 days a week means you flow success to Netflix and all of its actors. And of course there’s nothing wrong in that. But focus on your own life 7 days a week and what bliss means to you and you will generate the same success. No exception.

As I contemplated this blog post late last night, I’d been thinking of naming the post ‘Christmas In July’. Why? Because the gifts you are looking for are already in your possession along with the ability to create. And it isn’t just a gift fest once a year but an unlimited one.

And the ultimate gift?

It’s the same no matter who you are, and that includes JLO, it’s the emotion it generates and allowing it to sustain itself naturally. It’s that high vibe feeling and living in it where life can be seen through it’s unique lens. And only those who tap into bliss, can perceive it.

I am sure it will be evident if you have explored this website how much I LOVE (with a capital L) all things solo travel. I’m an expert and proudly so. With those 16 years of non stop solo traveling, has come great insight and awareness you simply cannot get any other way. If you want an easy path to high vibing, solo travel is it. (And if you don’t know how, Solo Travel Masterclass – which will be extraordinary – will teach you how so you have no excuses on not going LOL).

The bliss everyone is looking for is right under their feet.

You see the world has gotten it backwards. For one, most of the planet (me included at one point) thought that life was meant to be work, effort, no pain no gain, long hours and little rest. And once you have worked yourself to the bone, and lucky to get to retirement, you can then have fun?! WTF?! And I’m here to tell you, in the nicest possible way, NONSENSE.

I’ve always known instinctively life is Christmas. You see how easily people enjoy that day! Because they expect it, they anticipate it and focus on it! So what happens my little pumpkin to the other 364 days? The process is the same. Focus, focus, focus. And this has been key to my 2022.

the foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet

james oppenheim

My Own Experiment

So what happened in these first 6 months of 2022? Without going into all the details here today, of which there are many, here are some key points…

As stated at the beginning, the first thing was the powerful intention that 2022 would be one of my best years. Not only am I high on life once again, but I don’t even want to go to bed at night. My normal sleep used to be 8 to 9 hours like most people and today, now 5 and I’ve so much energy, I could sell it.

And in terms of bliss? I now have the power-tools to flow bliss on demand before the day has even began. Happiness is me. Not a place, not a destination, not a fleeting moment. But a feeling that is there ALL day long. And this is precisely how people lived back in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s a well worked muscle of perception and chronic harmonizing.

And how?

Well, here are just some of the changes.

  1. Focus – I give all my attention to wanted ONLY (and let go of unwanted).
  2. Get ahead – I establish the feeling of satisfaction/ease/calm before doing anything, segment by segment.
  3. Accept and let go – I let people off the hook (politicians included LOL) and know each person has the right to do what they want.
  4. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate – I use this powerful ‘isn’t it nice that…’ (this is my easiest and quickest way to feeling good).
  5. Allow – I let life come to me instead of forcing things to happen/change. Being satisfied and eager for more is a fantastic place to be as a base.

And the rest? Forget it all! No need to clean up, figure out problems, or change past habits. There is a big difference between looking for a healing and allowing wellness. Just give ALL air time to wanted/what’s going well and life begins to be as it was always meant to.

you know you are living in bliss when Mondays feel just as good as Fridays


The On/Off Button

Have you ever realized that life’s issues only come as a result of thought and perception? What if you could flow thought in the right way and perceive everything to your advantage? Logically the journey would be far less of a bumpy ride and you would have many enjoyable times along path, not to mention a healthier mind, and body.

If you have a look at this on/off button analogy I created with the on button feeling good and the off feeling bad.

Here are some on/off buttons you may be thinking…

I love having fun – on button

I love wine – on button

I love my house – on button

I hate commuting – off button

I appreciate commuting is only one day a week now that I work at home – on button

I hate busy shops – off button

I love shopping when it is quiet – on button

Well today, my life is now full of on buttons. I am sitting sipping my rose, feeling incredible appreciation of my new head, body and mind feeling life is just beginning. My skin is incredible, I deleted my wrinkles (or better said, they deleted themselves by lack of my attention to unwanted), my sleep phenomenal, my eagerness of life on a new level and my excitement of what is coming at an all time high.

And Christmas in July?

Children know gifts are coming and don’t question it/doubt it in any shape or form. And they lovingly imagine the opening of them. They are experiencing joy before the gift is even there. And therein lays the secret. And that light bulb moment? You’ll soon realize the most exciting time is the anticipation of the gift itself.

So there you have it! There has never been a better time to experience bliss. Why not begin by picking a destination like a 3-12 months workation. Imagine waking up on the beach in Puerto Rico with office life being on the sand, and splashing feet in the warm waters? And imagine an office commute of only 30 seconds to the terrace with sounds of the ocean? A lunchtime swaying in a hammock and sipping a cheeky rose with a huge smile? This is available now my little pumpkin.

And PS!

As some of you may know, I will be publishing a book – What would Carrie Do…? – on Amazon in August, all going well. Amusingly, something funny happened. What would have previously been a rush to publish has become savoring each and every moment of the evolving story line, even I don’t know the finish yet. You’ve heard of method acting? I’m savoring the gift of being in my own book movie and unwrapping the gift before putting it out to the planet. A 100% feel good factor book that is my gift!

A happy Christmas my little cupcake, here’s to a phenomenal 2022 part 2 FOR BOTH OF US!!!

If you’d love to learn how to plan your very first solo travel adventure and get a dose of feel good factor emotions, click here on Solo Travel Masterclass to find out more. This solo travel course is one-of-a-kind and a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom in one easy-to-follow course.

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