Want To Look Young At Any Age? A Solo Travel Expert’s True Story

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I’m a solo travel expert, solopreneur and founder of Wanderful Company, a labour of love inspired by 15 glorious years of non-stop traveling alone. 

Equipped with nothing more than a suitcase, a one-way ticket and an incessant desire to be happy, I’ve gone from one solo travel adventure to the next for almost one third of my life to countries including Argentina, Brazil, Italy and France.
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Well, my little lambchop, have you ever looked at someone and wondered how on earth they can quaff copious amounts of wine on a weekly basis, and still look young? Have you ever been asked your age and wanted to slide back under your shell screaming to the beauty gods things are creeping south on you? Or do you ever look in the mirror and think how can JLO look 40, and she got her prince too. WTF!

Hang onto your hat, cutie pie…help has arrived! Things are about to get interesting around here. Look young? Yes, you can! Be lucky like JLO? Yes, you can have that too! And a Mr Charming to boot? Abso-flippin-lutely, your wish is my command! You get to have ANYTHING.

So, cancel that gym membership you weren’t loving, throw out that avocado smoothie you weren’t savoring, and banish the botox you weren’t wanting. You, my little tarte au citron can now spend your beauty fund fortune on something you deserve…let’s jump in…

A little secret…

Having always been an unapologetic Peter Pan, I never act my age. Truthfully, I feel VERY young. Luckily, I’ve always had incredible intuition and when I began learning technique from the legends of mindset, it all began to make sense. I found the truth. It is the feeling which does the manifesting.

As in the words of Henry Ford ”whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right”. You create your own reality. (all things are possible, no limits). If you want it, you can have it. With this in mind, a desire accompanied with strong belief and elevated emotion is one deliciously addictive cocktail.

You only have to look at someone who has fallen in love to know ageing is a myth.

My own age rewind

In reflection, my journey to ‘no wrinkles’ and incredible vitality was down to 3 things:

  • Solo travel and solo living (a lifestyle of deep inner peace and calm).
  • Intentional thinking (allowing positive energy to flow)
  • Giving ALL of my day to day attention to dreams (it is all about FOCUS)

And the result?

Not only do I look younger today than I did 17 years ago, when I first set off on my solo traveling journey, I feel more and more alive! I practically no longer experience tiredness, and my skin is on another level.

Having been incredibly fortunate to create a lifestyle of my own choosing, solo travel has given me an abundance of joy, peace and calm. Not to mention a lot of variety and newness. A far cry from the chaotic ‘eat, sleep, repeat’ mode. To be young and look young, it is all about reorienting from the inside out.

Buying anything anti-ageing, or getting botox makes you more aware of ageing and fighting against it! (PS stick a post it note on all creams with the words ‘pro youth LOL!). If you want to look young, GET HAPPY! It is that simple.

If you have the opportunity to work remotely and upscale day to day lifestyle, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from living each day like a vacation! (why not swap the office for a month, poolside, at this incredible Italian beauty! Or check out more on my favorites here).

Often, I’ve been asked if I am going on vacation. People laugh curiously when I say I’m always on vacation. I get to do what I want, when I want and go where I want. And you can create that too! I teach this in Solo Travel Masterclass, launching in July.

Why is solo travel better than any botox?

Well, my little cinnamon bun, you are alone with you, for one, and in totally NEW AND FRESH environments which you have no cells of recognition. And by that, I mean you have no hate, judgement or experience with what you are seeing. It is like looking at the world through a pure, untampered lens.

And the effect of this? Firstly, because you have given up, or let’s say been distracted from your own resistant thinking, the cork floats back to the surface. And it is there you feel the natural happiness you were born with. That feeling is thee best and most powerful anti ageing rejuvenation treatment you could ever need. And it is FREE.


  • focus on one desire (at the exclusion of all other distractions)
  • fall in love with life (one day, you won’t eat chocolate!)
  • bask exclusively in joyful things
  • think young, act young, feel young (you can’t create youth if you think you are getting old!)
  • dress in a way that makes you feel sexy

Not only can you look young by being happy, you can create the body of your dreams. There is nothing off limits other than the self imposed mindset you have calibrated to. Let go, and feed the body language that helps and not hinders.

The body knows exactly what you want at all times.

One caveat to looking young

Life is truly incredible when you think about it. Squeeze every drop of lemon and bask in the wow. Not only will this re-energise you and knock a significant amount of years off your face and body, you will feel you are onto a second life.

You can look young when you think young. And you must constantly expand. By that, I mean want to experience things, do things, try new things. Sorry Netflix, respectfully but sitting on the sofa each night consuming series after series, isn’t going to cut it. Wake up, and smell the opportunities beckoning you…


Now you know how to think with more intention and get back to the life you desire. Live your best life, my little cupcake! Get out there TODAY and quit any excuses.

And me? I KNOW I’ll look even younger this time next year and II am just getting started! LOL! That’s a wrap!

Until next time, sweet pea! XO

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