Solo travel isn't just something I do, it's my life. This blog is full  of real-life experiences taken from 15 glorious years traveling alone non-stop as a woman. I cannot wait to share my solo travel tips on living wanderfully...

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As a solo travel expert who has traveled the globe alone for 17 years, (and non stop), I feel very excited about the interest growing in the USA solo travel market. Yip, the Americans are beginning to taking notice of this hot topic. And, my little cupcake, you may be asking why? It is for […]

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Is solo travel lonely you may be asking as you see the rise of women traveling alone. Have you ever wanted to solo travel but haven’t because you need to be with people to feel good? Does the idea of traveling alone seem too much? As a solo travel expert with 15 years of destination […]

Is Solo Travel Lonely? No. Here’s Why.


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Is this the best solo travel blog? For women 40+, absolutely yes! Having been traveling alone for more than 16 years and non-stop, (worthy of a mention in the Guinness Book of Records lol), I now teach this stuff. Yes, this is me, and it’s crazy at times when I think about it. For one, […]

Is This The Best Solo Travel Blog? Yes. And Here’s Why.



As a solo travel expert, I can say the surprising benefits of solo travel are too many to mention in one blog post. But trust me, traveling alone is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving and giving. Think of Santa Claus after a glass of wine too many when he’s mistaken your 1 […]

What Solo Travel Gives You That No Relationship, Chanel Handbag, Or Netflix Series Can



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I'm an ex-Corporate girl who gave up a very successful career in the UK for a dream life traveling alone. Why solo? To do what I wanted,  where I wanted, and when I wanted. That was 15 years ago when I left with nothing more than a suitcase and an incessant desire to be happy. I've never looked back...


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