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How To Travel Alone And Enjoy It (And It’s Much Easier Than You Think)

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I’m a solo travel expert, solopreneur and founder of Wanderful Company, a labour of love inspired by 15 glorious years of non-stop traveling alone. 

Equipped with nothing more than a suitcase, a one-way ticket and an incessant desire to be happy, I’ve gone from one solo travel adventure to the next for almost one third of my life to countries including Argentina, Brazil, Italy and France.
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Have you ever wondered why people travel alone and enjoy it? Have you ever wondered why they seem to be having the time of their life even on their own? Do you often think about heading off on an adventure by yourself but don’t know if you’d like it? Well, many are asking these exact questions.

With people looking for something new and fun to reinvigorate their lives, solo travel offers the chance to do exactly what you want. As lifestyles evolve and remote working heads into new and exciting territory, there has never been a more exciting time to upscale and begin a new adventure.

As a seasoned solo travel pro, I love traveling alone just as much today as I did when I began at the age of 30. Amusingly back then, smart phones, Instagram and Facebook didn’t even exist. You had to work things out by yourself and the sense of achievement was huge. With 16 years of nonstop solo travel now under my belt, and many new adventures being planned, I feel so grateful to live a life of incredible freedom.

So, let me put your mind at ease by saying you will absolutely enjoy it. But note, it all depends on you! Here are just some of my tips how to travel alone and enjoy it like I do.


One of the things you can do to travel alone and enjoy it is to have a ‘go to’ list of things you can do each day. It’s all about being creative and don’t forget, the whole purpose of solo travel is above all to have fun. There is a big difference between adding to the fun of a day and looking for ways to avoid sadness. This is something I go into in Solo Travel Masterclass in Module 3. You’ll get all of my tried and tested foolproof methods.

Here are just a few ideas to get you going.

Buy a good book and read it slowly each day (optional – with a good glass of wine LOL). The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite books of all time and inspired me to follow my travel dreams.

Another fun thing to do is listen to music that makes you want to dance. I LOVE Peggy Lee and music of that era for the feel-good factor it gives.

You can also challenge yourself to cook a new recipe each day and make it fun by going to local markets to find the ingredients. If you happen to go to Italy, the locals are charm personified!

Some quick things you can do at home which are easy to find are funny podcasts, YouTube travel videos, and makeup tutorials.

Tip: Just the sense of adventure and excitement about what tomorrow is going to be like is always enough to keep boredom away. The sweet spot is that point between enjoying what you’re doing and the excitement about what’s coming up next. I cover this in Solo Travel Masterclass and is one of the most important parts if you want to travel alone and enjoy it.


I’m sure you’ve heard the planning quote ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. When you travel alone and enjoy it, there are times to plan and times to go with the flow. Personally, I use both. One thing planning gives you is the excitement of designing the ideal day the way you want and intentionally as opposed to a reactionary day by default. You create your own reality by what you give your attention to so why not be the one in charge of your own destiny.

I like to plan at least one big thing and many small things. For example, if I was in Paris, I’d plan a day of ‘cute cafe’ spotting and do nothing else but that. I’d take photos (for this blog), enjoy the local food and I’d chat with the locals at any opportunity. And besides, what’s the point of learning a language if you don’t use it.

My small things could be a yummy breakfast, early morning exercise in the park, window shopping, and perhaps go buy a Chanel lipstick. My weak spot admittedly LOL.

Tip: planning is a LOT of fun and is something that creates excitement as you go to bed. I get so good at this that I can’t even sleep for wishing the night would fly by so I can get up and go enjoy the day!




When you decide to travel alone for the first time, it’s vital to begin mental and emotional preparation BEFORE you go. You can’t just pop to a friend’s house if you find yourself a little lost once you are away. Mediation or mindfulness can be your best friend.

Being in the now is something many don’t do and I have to say, it’s phenomenally powerful. Imagine for example, you are sitting on a gorgeous beach but have your nose glued to your mobile phone. You can’t possibly take in the movement of the sea, the smell of the ocean, the birds flying above or the tones of the sand glistening in the sunshine.

These are moments that you won’t forget, and which will boost your happiness significantly. And did you know that if you stay present, you can’t possibly feel stressed or worried. It’s like having your own pause button and you get to decide on how long.

Tip: One of my favorite things about travel is food, When I am eating in a nice cafe or restaurant, I truly stay in the moment when I am eating. Our taste buds actually enhance the favor of food! Give it a try at home.


One of the biggest pleasures I’ve found while traveling alone and enjoying it has been cafe culture. There are some places which take this to a whole new level eg Vienna and Rome where you feel you’ve stepped back in time. You will also find many locals who are on their own too and this can provide incredible entertainment when you ask them questions about tips, advice and of course their life story.

Going to a cafe gives you that sense of contentedness by being in the company of people even if you don’t know them. It can create a feeling of belonging if you happen to frequent the same cafe for any length of time. Plus, it’s a lot of fun getting to know the staff.

Tip: pick a cafe for early morning coffee and make it a challenge to chat to one new person each day. You’d be surprised how eager people are to chat.


Well my friend, what can I say, who doesn’t love being pampered. Some much needed ‘me time’ is something you must prioritize. Whether it’s getting your hair or nails done, or lighting a scented candle and curling up on the sofa to a large glass of wine and an old movie, make this a weekly habit.

In the fast-paced world that we live in, it’s vital to have some ‘slow living’ and rebooting. If you’re on a budget, then get creative with facials and have a night in with a lashing of olive oil on your face! I bet you it does a whole lot more that the expensive brands too.

Tip: go to some makeup counters and get some freebie skin care samples. And when you’re in cafes having some coffee, pick up a few brown sugar sachets and make your own body scrub. It’s so satisfying when you’ve saved a small fortune and I promise you, just as effective.

girl solo traveling and shoppng alone


What else can I say but be aware of the time you spend on social media. There are times to go on it and times to give it a miss. Social media isn’t all bad I want to add and at times, it may well be your comfort. Being someone who loves being productive and working towards my desires, I give less and less time to it. And if I do, it’s usually 10 minutes maximum a day!

Tip: to travel alone and enjoy it a lot, set a daily time limit and stick to it, even if it means putting your phone out of sight to avoid temptation.


Finding secret little gems is one of my fortes and one of my favorite things to do while traveling alone. And they usually come when you’re in that ‘go with the flow’ mindset and let yourself wander aimlessly. If you love this kind of thing, head away from typical tourist areas and stroll the streets that look ‘lost in time’.

Being someone who is incredibly intuitive, I get a ‘feel’ for where to go. It requires a total letting go and gives that feeling of lightness. It will come easily when you’re having fun.

Tip: pay attention to where you see old people go in their hoards and where you see a busy restaurant well off the beaten path. If it’s packed, there is a reason.


Food is one of life’s biggest pleasures and when you are traveling alone and loving it, you will want to taste some of the local cuisine. One such country where this is magical is Italy. To Italians, food is life itself and you will never meet people who love food as much as them. I find this level of passion incredibly charming and adorable.

It’s also worth pointing out that you are in a new place and it gets you big brownie points with the locals when you show gratitude and tell them how much you love what they’ve made.

A fabulous thing to do is go to local early morning markets to buy your food instead of big supermarkets. If you happen to be in Provence, sample a lazy lunch with a glass of rose and local cheese, you’ll love it. Click here to read this Provence blog post to get you into the mood.

Tip: if you are on a budget, go out for lunch as it can often be better value. You can also buy fresh bread, cheese and some wine and have a picnic in a cute park while you do some people watching.

girl traveling alone eating lunch


If you get the chance to do some day trips, head out of the city into nature and be in awe of the scenery. One of the things I love doing is snoozing in the sunshine listening to the birds sing. Nature is also incredibly restorative if you have been out of balance. You will literally feel all the tension leave and be full of energy again.

Think about going away from the city to have a weekend in the mountains. It’s simply magical to have all that space and calm to recharge the batteries. And make sure you wake up very early to go see sunrise.

Tip: if you are far from nature, buy some flowers instead! Or try putting some drops of lavender oil around the room to give you that South of France feeling. If you have a sunny apartment, open the window, have a glass of chilled wine on a cosy chair and soak up that vitamin D!


Being active is vital if you want to be feel and look good. If you want to do it the fun way, find some good music on Youtube and do some dancing. You can also make it a daily challenge to wake up early and take a 60 minute sprint walk getting in sport before you start the day.

I’d like to point out here that when I am enjoying a city, I spend the entire day walking and that is my daily exercise. You don’t need to be a Jane Fonda with leggings and headband heading out to Zumba. Just move often and stretch before sleeping.

Tip: doing sport early sets your mood for the day and gives you that feeling of achievement. If you do have an off day, that’s OK! You can take the stairs instead of the elevator to make up for it.

A Few More Top Tips To Help You Travel Alone and Enjoy It

  • It’s always a new environment, you can’t help but have fun
  • Take time and go slow like the Italians
  • You are now free from responsibilities and that busy life you left behind
  • You are on an adventure and excitement is easy to find
  • Traveling alone means nobody is annoying you in any shape or form
  • You are experiencing new which puts senses on a new level
  • Life is about experiences not possessions (and yes, it’s OK to buy a Chanel lipstick or two LOL)
sneak peek of the Solo Travel Masterclass workbook

The Ultimate Solution If You Want To Travel Alone And Enjoy It

If you’re are asking how do I start traveling alone and experience the benefits myself, and want to know how to plan your very first solo travel adventure, please click here on my Solo Travel Masterclass to find out more.

This solo travel course is unique and is a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom in an easy-to-follow online course you can do in 4 hours or less. Why do tonnes of hours of researching a million travel websites and guides when you can have it all perfectly packaged for you and lovingly created by this solo travel expert. I want you to see that happily ever after isn’t just a Disney movie. Bliss can be found easily and I give you all the help to find it.

As I look back at photos and precious memories, I see a VERY HAPPY chica. There isn’t a day that goes by when I am not grateful for the life I live and love. Traveling alone brings such a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation that no money can buy.

So my gorgeous friend, what are you waiting for now that you know you’ll have fun? Get yourself on that well-deserved trip of a lifetime. After all, life is all about having the best time and loving the journey.

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