Solo travel isn't just something I do, it's my life. This blog is full  of real-life experiences taken from 15 glorious years traveling alone non-stop as a woman. I cannot wait to share my solo travel tips on living wanderfully...

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Have you ever spent a night on Netflix, vino in one hand, remote control pause button in the other, zooming in on a Bambi eyed actor wishing you were his leading lusty lady? Have you ever watched old Disney movies and found yourself in a puddle of drooling saliva watching Snow White and Cinderella get […]

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‘What are some fun facts about Coco Chanel’ you may have pondered. Have you ever dreamed of flying to Paris for the day just to shop in Chanel? Have you ever wanted one of every season’s lipsticks? Do you ever imagine buying every color of the iconic CC handbag? Whatever the dream, there’s no doubt […]

Top 5 Fun Facts About Coco Chanel


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Have you ever asked yourself ‘is it OK to travel alone when married? How do I tell my husband I want to travel alone? Is it normal to travel without my spouse? Well, the good news my little toasted bagel is you’re not alone. Not only that, but the numbers of people who feel the […]

10 Reasons Why Couples Should Travel Alone While Married



Best solo travel quotes you may be asking? Looking for some inspiration to convince yourself to head off on an adventure of a lifetime? Thinking of traveling alone to get away from it all? Well, whatever it is my gorgeous friend, as a solo travel pro (proudly 16 years nonstop), I’ve added in one of […]

Best Solo Travel Quotes: Top 10 Traveling Alone Quotes To Love


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Have you ever wanted to know how to travel alone? Do you sometimes feel you’re in a state of limbo and would love to spice up your life with something totally out of your comfort zone? Have you ever contemplated doing what Julia Roberts did in the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’? Well, my friend, you […]

How To Solo Travel (The Easy Way)


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What are some of the health benefits of traveling alone you may be asking? Have you ever been on an incredible vacation and come back to compliments of wow you’re looking fabulous, and fresh-faced? Have you ever had people say you look a happy chappy when you’ve just come back from some much-needed me-time in […]

A Few Health Benefits of Traveling Alone



What is the Solo Travel Masterclass course you may be asking? Have you ever wanted to travel alone but think it would be lonely? Have you ever wanted to just take a risk but can’t get out of your comfort zone? Do you feel happy most of the time but want to do something new? […]

Solo Travel Masterclass Course: How To Travel Alone For The First Time


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What are the best destinations to travel alone to as a newbie? As a solo travel expert, I’ve spent the last 16 years traveling alone all over the globe. I knew it would be beneficial to help solo travel beginners with this question. With the world more accessible than ever before, and remote working a […]

Best Destinations To Travel Alone For The First Time: A Solo Travel Expert’s Choice


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Is solo travel lonely you may be asking as you see the rise of women traveling alone. Have you ever wanted to solo travel but haven’t because you need to be with people to feel good? Does the idea of traveling alone seem too much? As a solo travel expert with 15 years of destination […]

Is Solo Travel Lonely? No. Here’s Why.


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Have you ever wondered why people travel alone and enjoy it? Have you ever wondered why they seem to be having the time of their life even on their own? Do you often think about heading off on an adventure by yourself but don’t know if you’d like it? Well, many are asking these exact […]

How To Travel Alone And Enjoy It (And It’s Much Easier Than You Think)


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